Bridal party Guide
Showering the bride with friendship and love is the purpose of a bridal shower. Use our eleven tips below, and you are on your way to lovely shower she will remember forever!

1. Who will plan
Typically, the host of the party is the bride's maid. The bride's maid and bride work the details together. If it is a surprise shower, then the bride's family helps out.

2. Budget
The bride's maid is traditionally responsible the expenses. The bride's family often helps by providing the location and/or invitations. Determine how much the shower can cost.

3. Guest List
Organize your guest list by asking the bride and groom who they would like to have at the shower. Usually the bride and groom's mother will have a list of who they would like to invite. Get address, phone numbers and email addresses. Decide if it will be a "girl's only" shower or "couples".

4. Invitations
Invitations Invitations can range from the casual (a phone call) to the most formal (printed invitations). You decide what will work for your shower. Be sure to include all necessary information on the invitation.

5. Theme and Decorations
While you may feel intimidated about choosing a theme, just consider the couple. If they have lived together, they may not need a kitchen shower, but the bride would love pretty lingerie. If they are moving right after the wedding, cash will allow them to choose what they need.

6. Selecting the menu
Although your menu should reflect your theme, the time of day is as important, as well as the number of guests. Do not try to outdo the last shower you attended. Make this a day of relaxation for the bride, her guests, and yourself. Consider the amount of time and room available for the shower, as well as any special dietary needs of the bride and her guests.

7. Location
Choose a location that is easy to get to and will accommodate the needs of the party. If you are planning a theme, consider matching the location. Have an idea of how many people you expect before arranging any final details.

8. Select the date
The bridal shower is normally around eight weeks before the wedding. Showers are held on weekends and during the week. Try to make the time and day convenient for everyone including any out-of-town guests.
Folklore:"marry in July..."

9. Selecting the time
If most of the guests attending the shower work, then an evening or weekend shower will probably work best. Consider a weeknight for a change of pace. This will give everyone a night out, rather than a weekend day away from their spouses or boyfriends. If the weekend is the only time that will work for you, try to plan your shower early enough in the day for all who must travel to attend.

10. Games
Every fun bridal shower includes at least one game. And don't forget the prizes!

11. Entertainment
Make sure as guests arrive, they are introduced to one another. One way to break the ice is to provide name tags with a small note, such as, "I attended grammar school with Susie". This is a sure way to start conversations. Make sure to offer your guests liquid refreshments and whatever else you have provided. Set the mood with lighted candles, flowers, and decorations. You want your guests to enjoy the day (or evening) as much as the guest of honor.